Help a newbie with imported mailbox sync (please!)

This is the second time I am posting 'cos no replies with the first.
Can anyone help?

I have just imported a mailbox from Apple Mail 4.1 into DTPO 2.0pb7. When I add a new message to that mailbox in Apple Mail … the mailbox in DTPO is not updated.
Is there a way of doing this easily and automatically?
Had a look on the forums but can’t see an answer.
Thanks in advance

No, there is no automatic updating. However duplicates are detected and ignored in subsequent imports by default.

Thanks! Good to know what does/doesn’t happen

So I am struggling a little bit.

I would like to include emails in my database.
When I compose an email or reply to an existing one then at the moment I either have to switch to DTP and use the mail importer, find the message, then import … which is a bit slow because I am trying to capture the complete thread so it has to search for matching messages.
Or, I have to manually import the original email using the DTP plug-in, then switch to sent messages in Apple Mail and then do the same.
Is there a way of combining the import of the 2 messages from within Apple Mail. Can this be scripted? Has someone done this already?


There is an option in the Email preference pane of DEVONthink Pro Office called “Import complete conversations”. This will load your Sent messages on import in order to find references to those from messages in other mailboxes. It will slow down the import but you will get the whole thread of replies (similar to what Google Mail does).

Hi Annard
Thanks for the prompt reply.
Your solution is what I was trying to describe in the first part of the question (i.e. switch to DTP, open the import, find the message, and with the ‘import complete conversations’ preference on, then perform the import) … but this is quite few steps.
I was hoping there was a way (similar to the add message to DPT menu plug-in) that this could be automated.

Even if you use our menus within Mail, enabling this preference will do the job.

I am really excited about this but I cannot make it work.
I have the ‘Import Complete Conversations’ preference switched on, and I have restarted both Mail and DPT. The menu command “Add to DevonThink Pro Office” imports the message but neither any replies (in the sent mail folder) nor any other messages in the same thread.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

No, it’s not a bug but a design decision for optimization. The fact is that in the message that you selected there is no reference to the future (i.e. the mail you sent as a reply), this data is “hidden” in some proprietary data structure within Mail. The only way to solve this would be to look into all the Sent messages for every imported message to see if a reply was sent. This can get really expensive in the amount of time it takes to import a large amount of messages. But in your case for a single message it might be doable. Please send a message to with a feature request (and reference this thread) and then we can see if it makes sense to add this in the (near?) future.

Done as recommended and emailed a feature request.
But if I understand correctly then while it cannot look for ‘replies’ as these are ‘future’ to the original message … it should look for previous parts of the same thread (i.e. if I only decided to add the conversation after several messages then it ought to find the previous threaded messages).
This still does not seem to be working.
Any (final?) comments!

I just did that here and it worked fine: I selected a response to an earlier email I created and I found both the response and my earlier email in the database.

Still not working for me.
I assume the messages appear together?
If it makes a difference I had to use the work around to install the mail menu bundle (am using 10.6.2 and Mail 4.2 and DTPO 2.0pb7)

It could be that your correspondent’s mail program hasn’t included the proper reference in the mail header and then this mechanism doesn’t work.