Help! A small RTF entry slows DT to crawl

A single RTF entry, when viewed, slows DT 1.9a to a crawl. DT reports the entry size as 13KB, and it contains only formatted text that I created directly in DT. No pictures, links or anything else other than text – at least not that I know of or can see. (I am very new to DT.)

Initially I could view the report with no problems, but today when I open this particular RTF entry, DT slows to a crawl, with mouse clicks delayed by 10 seconds or more. Other Mac applications are greatly affected, too, until I eventually get DT to quit or go to anoter entry – then speed returns to normal system wide, and DT is once again responsive.

DT works fine with this database until this relatively small RTF file is opened. (Actually 13KB seems large in size – the text is only a page or 2 long.

Verify & Repair found no problems. Rebuild Database didn’t eliminate the problem.

PS: Interesting – Copying the text to TextEdit reveals no odd characters or gibberish, but now TextEdit slows to a crawl, and pulls the system down with it. There must be something wrong with this entry – what did I do and how do I undo it?


To be honest: I have no clue. Could you try to export the document, delete it in the database and the re-import the file to see if the problem prevails? If yes, could you e-mail me the file so that I can check it here?

Sorry for my long absence form the forum…

After starting to see this same strange behavior affecting other applications such as TextEdit, I started looking for a more system wide culprit. It appears to have been a problem with Font Reserve, demonstrated by simply turning it off in the settings box. All system activity returned to normal.

Font Reserve seemed to work fine with DEVONthink (and everything else) for several months, then it seemed to go wild for no apparent reason. I have not fully resolved this, but it appears DEVONthink is not to blame.