Help! Applescript to move/replicate files based on date


I am using a Tickler file having a folder (tagging is enabled) for each day of the month/year as “01 January”, 02 January", “03 January” etc. I want an applescript or a Smart Folder, that can move or replicate the files from today’s date folder “06 July” to a folder named “Daily Review”.


A Smart Folder will neither move nor replicate files.

removed; useless answer

I think, I failed to get my point across. Let me try again :blush:
I want to achieve something similar to the Tickler file script here
What this script does is :
“2. Script to empty the day’s folder into the inbox
This script should be run automatically at night, e.g., as an iCal alarm. It empties the current day’s folder into a folder called “* Inbox”.”
My Tickler file names are a bit different. The day folders also include the name of the month. i.e., 06 July, 07 July, etc. instead of just 06, 07, etc.

I am no programmer and a novice at this and therefore doubt if I can help, but you have lost me completely! Perhaps if you asked a specific question? From reading your post all you are doing is to describe what an existing script does and saying, “I want to achieve something similar” is rather vague. Unless, of course, I am missing the point which is entirely possible!