HELP! Bunch of files just disappeared

I’ve just had the most disquieting experience. I was working on a file in my inbox, hit a key combination (opion-h) to activate a script (to convert a bookmark to an html page), only I might have hit a slightly different key combination because … every file in my inbox suddenly disappeared. Didn’t go to Trash. Didn’t move to any other database or group. Just … vanished. Tried to undo. Nothing. Looked everywhere I could think of. Nothing.

Can anyone help??

Select the database in question and choose File > Database Properties.
What is reported there?

Nothing that I can see. But then, in my panic, I rebuilt the database, so now I’ve probably made it impossible to rescue anything.

A screen capture of the Database Properties could be useful.

It’s not clear what has happened or if anything actually needs to be rescued yet.
Hold the Option key and choose File > Restore Backup. Choose the earlier date (as the Rebuild added its own restore point). Does that show the files?

THANK YOU – it shows the files as of my last backup, which alas was May 22. Still, that’s a lot better than nothing.

Whoops, wait a minute: the files themselves are not there! Just the listing of them. When you click on the title, it says “File missing.”

Please start a support ticket.