Help! can't sync DTG

Every time I try to sync DTG, it gets to one particular file (a PDF in the gobal inbox which DTG attempts to send to DTP) which causes DTG to crash and the sync therefore to fail.

There doesn’t seem to be any way of deleting files in DTG, so how can I get past this and start syncing again?! Obviously without sync capabilities DTG is pretty well useless

I’ve upgraded DTP on the Mac to the latest version, and DTG is likewise up to date. Also restarted DTP and rebooted the iPad, just in case, to no avail.

Anyone got any ideas?

When I would have a problem syncing with the Global Inbox, I almost always had to reset the app and start over (Settings app, DEVONthink>Troubleshooting section>Reset). Sometimes it would be bad enough that I would have to delete the app and start over with a new install of the app.

Once you get the sync operational again, I’d suggest [i]never[/i] syncing to the Global Inbox with DEVONthink to Go 1.x. If there is a problem syncing a user-created database, one can always delete the database from DEVONthink to Go (swipe on the main page) and start over, leaving all the other databases intact. If the Global Inbox is corrupt, you cannot do anything but start over, which wipes out all of your databases in DEVONthink to Go.

Also, the Global Inbox sync is the most likely one to get corrupted on sync, as deleting/moving documents from the Global Inbox on the Mac will often orphan the documents in DEVONthink to Go.

Hopefully DEVONthink to Go 2.x (in development now) will resolve these issues.

Thanks Greg - Deleting DTG and installing it again on my iPad worked a treat. Had a major crash after updating to DTPO 2.6, lost the Global Inbox contents, and was unable to sync to my iPad DTG. Have managed to retrieve the contents of my GI with Verify & Repair and also repaired the databases that I had open. Should come to the forum first before I spent an hour futzing around.