Help! Databnase got erased

I recently purchased DevonThink To Go for my ipad. Created a Work database in DevonThink and successfully synced it to my ipad. Went away for a week, came back, opened DevonThink on my computer and could not find my Work database. Turned out I had moved it from my desktop to my DevonThnink Databases folder in my Documents, so I moved it out to the Desktop again and opened it. Nothing there. No documents. I then synced my ipad, and the original work database, with documents, remained on my ipad, and a new database, also called work, but empty (presumably the one on my computer) appeared on my ipad as well.

What do I do? How do I get the documents back into my DevonThink Work Database (now empty) and more to the point, where did they go in the first place?



So, the only thing you did between the vanishing of the documents was moving your database from your Desktop to your Documents folder? Unless something went wrong here (and the Finder should have told you in this case) there is nothing substantially that could lead to a data loss. As DEVONthink To Go still has the file it’s also no sync issue.