Help deciding on a sync service

I’m in the process of deciding on a sync service (iCloud, WebDAV, etc.) I’m using iCloud now, holdover from DT2 and find it too unpredictable.

I’m all in on DT3 (already bought a license) and DTG with several databases.

Because DT3 is in Beta, I wondered:

  1. Is sync going to evolve? more features?
  2. Will there be more Sync options (e.g., AWS, OneDrive, etc.)

Evolve in what way?
Sync is a simple thing - philosophically and pragmatically. It’s also essentially no different thatn what other services already do.

We have discussed the second point many times. Adding services is not on the radar, though maybe in the future.



I should have been more specific. By evolve I was thinking a custom service from DevonTech.
Thanks for the links to the other topics.

The topic has come up at times, but…

  1. There is no profilt in cloud services nowadays. Too much competition from the big, established factions, and too many little services fighting over the leftovers.
  2. The liabilities of running a cloud service are VERY high, not only with not being able to control uptime (without running our own servers, which is not feasible), but also the issues that can come with data privacy.
  3. We develop software. It’s our passion and our forte. We go with our strengths. :slight_smile:
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