HELP! Deleted and restore database - still missing files

Hi!! I need help

I have DT Pro Office, yesterday I erase completely a database, but I have Backblaze and manage to restore the file.

However, the files are still missing. What can I do?

I’m attaching some photos for context, a very much appreciate any help


Were you indexing files into this database? It would appear so, from the lack of the Files.noindex directory.

Yes, I think I was.

Ugh! This is not what I wanted to see.

This shows your files were imported, not indexed. This fact and the missing Files.noindex folder means you don’t have an intact database restored.

While we don’t do support for services, like BackBlaze, it may even be that you have never been backing up a full copy of the database. Some services have excluded folders or locations in their backups.

If you haven’t emptied your system Trash, the database may still be in it.

And where exactly does these folders or locations should be when when the files are imported in DT? I can search if I can restored those from BackBlaze.

I emptied the system trash

This is showing the internals of a database. Whether that’s actually inside a .dtBase2 file or whether you restored these items separately is unclear from your cropped screen capture.

Inside a .dtBase2 file, you would have the items shown and a Files.noindex directory.


Ok, got it. I will look for that, this is helpful.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Think I found it, I’m now restoring again the complete database with those files.

That (and all its contents) would be it…

Glad to be of service! :slight_smile:

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Success!!! Thank you so much for your quick help! :smiley:

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So, how can I assure that my files ARE indexed. Is there a global index command I can launch?



I’m not sure what you’re referring to. The OP had a backup issue, not an indexing issue.

Also, indexing is not a default option. Importing is.

Lastly, indexed items show a small rectangular Finder icon to the right of their name.