Help for search

This is just an example, as I try to better understand the search functionality of DT:

I have saved my devonthink 3 invoice in DTP. If I search for “devonthink” and “invoice” it is not found, as the document only contains “devontechnologies” and “invoice”. Where do I have to add the “devonthink” information, so that it can be found with a search for “devonthink” and “invoice”? If I add devonthink in the title of the document, this seems not to help. Is there any “field” where I can add such a keywoard, so that it is found with a standard search as it would be in the content itself?

Have you read the built-in Help, specifically Documentation > Windows > Main Window? This also leads to the Appendix > Search Prefixes.

Thank you. I have had a look at the prefix help documentation. But I would like to enter additional information for a document somewhere, so that it can be found (without adding a prefix in the search) as if it would be in the OCR-content itself (see original posting). Is there a possiblity for that? If possible NOT adding it as a tag. If I add it in the file name, as far as I have understood, it is only found if I add the NAME: prefix in the search, but not with a general search.

A general search is All, which would include the name.

I’m confused why you don’t want to use a prefix, when that’s a perfect way to pre-filter the search.

This was indeed a misunderstanding on my side. I was not aware (due to wrong settings) that DT in a standard search does not only search within the content of the files but also in the file name itself.

No worries.
Showing the Advanced criteria in a search - and the exchange of data between the criteria and search field - gives some great insight into search construction what search is doing!