Help for Yojimbo user who wants to migrate

I’ve been using Yojimbo for a while, but seems that they are not developing this application anymore, so I found DevonThink. Now I am trying to learn this application and get used to it - I have DT 2.0 Beta. My questions are:

  1. How to migrate easily and quickly my data from Yojimbo to DevonThink? Any import scripts or something like that?

  2. How to store Serial Numbers in DT?

  3. Does the DT has something like Quick Note? Some shortcut to put some quick note from any application on a Mac OSX? If not, how to do it quickly?

That’s it for now. Stay in touch.

Rather than replying, because these questions are covered extensively elsewhere, I suggest doing a forum search/browsing the threads, checking out the user manual and definitely watch the videos in the Devon Academy.

Each of these can be accomplished through several methods, depending on your usage preferences.

YMMV and welcome to the family.