HELP HELP HELP: 2.0.7 won't load, 2.0.6 has disappeared

I quit DTPO 2.0.6, downloaded the upgrade, opened it, dragged it to the Applications Folder, told it to go ahead and replace the old one. First try, error message saying it couldn’t because DevonThinkHelper was still in use. I figured it was just shutting down slowly, because that sometimes happens, so I waited and tried again. Still no dice.

Went to bed, tried again this morning, same thing. So I used Activities Monitor to Force Quit DevonThinkHelper. Next error message: DevonThinkSorter; same. Next error message: DevonThinkgetd; I did the same. The next time I got an error message saying it couldn’t do it because MacOS was in use!!!

Tried restarting; same result. Ejected the install disk, went to Applications. DTPO 2.0.6 shows as being there, but the icon has been replaced with a generic, and it doesn’t open. Should I reinstall it???

I love DTPO but I really really need it to be working today, as I have someone coming to work with me on a project. HELP!!!

I tried reinstalling 2.0.6 and I’m getting the same series of error messages, including MacOS is in use. HELP :cry:

Just move the application to the trash, log out and in again, empty the trash and install the application.

But updating via the internal software update (see Preferences > Update or Application > Check For Updates) is definitely recommended. That way you don’t have to care about tasks like the Sorter still running.

IT WORKED!! Phew. For some reason I didn’t think of doing the update the easy way, but I certainly will in the future.

Thank you so much, both for fixing it and for your speedy reply. I hope you realize I am now totally spoiled for other software developers, because I will be expecting the same kind of service from them 8)

Thanks also for adding the ability to go to a specific page in a PDF: big help!