Help! How do I get my MacJournal entries into DV?

Basic links I can drag across to the Sorter, but I lose any text in that entry, not to mention tags.

I know a way to convert all my Journler entries to MacJournal, and the tags carry over.

Are MacJournal entries easily importable, including all tags?

Thanks for any help! Really want to convert over to DV.

MacJournal can export in a wide variety of formats that DT can import just fine.

It will export tags as keywords for the formats that support the keyword property (ODT, .doc, etc.) but not as OpenMeta (not supported?) or as Spotlight comments. Check the Scripting forum here for converting keywords to tags.

Well, FWIW, the importing from Yep 2 to DV is fantastic! Just drag a pdf right onto the sorter, and when the file shows up in DV, all the tags are there perfectly!

The Journler entries can be dragged to the desktop, or to a folder on the desktop; they become .rtfd files. They can then be dragged onto the sorter. They have to be retagged, but that’s OK.

Must ask: what’s DV, Sandy? Surely not Digital Video. :slight_smile:

Sorry. Meant DEVONthink.

I think the Sorter converts rtfd files on-the-fly into rtf files.

Of course. :slight_smile:
I was surprised anyone would use DV; first time I’d noticed it because …

DEVONthink, when generally applicable to all editions (sans DN for DEVONnote), is commonly abbreviated as DT around here. Unfortunately DTP is ambiguous, for either Personal or Pro(fessional), while DTPO is unambiguously Pro Office. Suppose I might use DTPers and DTPro to disambiguate those editions.