Help & ideas on solving sync issue

Hi dtpo’ers!

I’m running into sync problems. As far as I can tell this seems to be a problem that has been building up over a longer period.
I’ve tried all available options to repair / verify / rebuild / check file integrity etc but this does not solve my problem, which in hindsight is impossible to solve by DEVONthink.

It appears my databases are strayed with items that show up as “File not yet available”
My syncstore resides on a in house mac mini that provides a webdav syncstore.

My idea is now to try to create a rule that will move all these items shown as “File not yet available” into a separate group / even into a separate DB, thus cleansing my existing DB.

Can anybody help me out with “how” to filter out these “File not yet available” items? I can not use file size as they do indicate a certain file size.
One way DTPO identifies these files is by showing a “cloud” icon at the far righthand side of the “Name” column.

As always, thanks for helping out!

Not sure, but try item:pending in a toolbar search.

Hi Pete,

Where do you get that wisdom from?
That indeed does it!

Now how would I translate that into a Smart Group?
Hmmm, it seems these items:pending can’t be moved…
And I’ve got 343 of them, my idea was to isolate them, then later on sort through and see if I could somehow recover some of them if they were important enough…

Reading the forum, I’ve never used this query.

In the Smart Group editing window it’s probably possible to set this same query, look for “item”, then “is”, then “pending”. But I’ve also never used that and am away from mac, so not sure.

No idea.

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Press the Save button aobe the search results to save a global smart group with the given search criteria.