Help Me Get A Workflow

Hey there, so I have used DevonThink Pro for years now but I am still struggling to use it properly. I am going to describe here what I want to do, and what issues I have encountered so far. Hopefully you guys can help me out.

So I want the ability to drop documents into DevonThink via its ‘Sorter’ bar. This is very quick and convenient. However, the issues I have found so far with this:

  1. When I drop the file into Sorter in the Inbox it does not go into DevonThink until I open the app. Why can I not give sorter the password to the DB so it can just drop it straight in?

  2. When I drop a file in not only does it not go into DT DB it leaves the original where it is - I was to literally drag and drop the file not have multiple copies.

  3. Sorter drops the file into ‘Inbox’. This is separate to my DB and what I really want is for it to convert to searchable PDFs automatically instead of me having to do it by hand one by one.

  4. When I have been doing it one by one I have noticed that I cannot batch select files then convert and it also retains the originals, any help there?

I will leave this post here for now - there are other issues but I will get these points resolved first then post more :wink:

-> 1. I’m not sure if that is because of the password, because I never used password protection for my DBs and I also have the impression that the documents stay in the sorter until DTPro is opened.
But how should DTPro behave? If it is closed, how should it change the database?

If you want to move the documents instantly, maybe an indexed folder would be better? So you could move the documents to a location in finder, which is indexed by DTPro, so when you open your DB next time and refresh the index, the documents would be added (disadvantage: you have to re-index (“synchronize”) manually or find some way to do it automatically (regularly or whenever).

-> 3. AFAIK you can drag folders from a database to the sorter to be able to drop documents directly in a specific DB and even in a specific group.
Did you try that?

-> 4. batch convert pdf to searchable pdf with OCR
You can select multiple pdf files and then e. g. with the context menu “convert / searchable pdf”, or isn’t that what you want.

The problem with the duplicate files also bothered me, see here for a script solution (which I did not try out yet, as the time of “heavy OCRring” is over):

-> viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13039&p=61304#p61304)!