Help me understand one part of versioning

I get the part of versioning that lets you create a copy of what you already have in DT3 and locks the previous versions, but I can’t quite come up with the search terms on what my particular version use case is:

I catalog multiple versions of white papers and documentation PDFs. When a vendor comes out with a new one, I would like to be able to import and then designate previous versions as archival copies. Preferably it would only show the most recent copy or have some other way of easily seeing what is the most current version. I don’t care about the locking aspect, as I mostly use it for searching and copy/paste.

Perfect scenario is to always have the most current version in an indexed folder on a folder share, with the older versions in a different group that isn’t mapped to a shared folder structure, but honestly, some way to easily designate the newest copy and hide/mask/whatever the older ones would be a great start.

I don’t think merging is the right answer, unless I completely misunderstand that.

Any guidance on where I can start?

Note: You can’t hide files in DEVONthink.

What criterion is constant in the updated documents? Obviously dates and size will vary. Is the name remaining constant?

Yes. It is usually “Whitepaper Subject A” with variables being either release date and/or version number (depends on the vendor).

Please put 3 versions of a file in a folder in the Finder and ZIP it. Then start a support ticket and attach the ZIP file. Thanks.

Whitepaper (1.9 MB)
Here’s an example of the white papers.

Are you manually renaming these?

These are good examples, because it actually has the version number on it.

First step is to usually make the Name from the Title if the Title exists and it imported with a Name that is like the filename (the PDF name in the URL).

If it’s readily available, I will rename with the date, and if available, version number, usually using the Set Name As… command in the right-click menu after I’ve selected the ACTUAL title and date/version data if available on the cover page.

Hope that helps with my process.

Also, just opened ticket. Sorry for the delay.

No worries. We all have more than enough to do in here :wink: