"Help" missing

Under the menu bar “Help” menu in DA Pro, if I select “DA Pro Help” it goes to Mac Help instead. Same if I go to “Release Notes” or ask for the “Support Assistant” and select “Read the FAQ.” I don’t know if this was the case before I reinstalled because I had a major DA crash and reinstalled the program, have also restarted the computer. This particular Mac is running Leopard, because of software compatibilities that I currently have to maintain. I’m running Lion on my desktop at home and, although I didn’t have any crashes, I haven’t checked it to see if the Help menu works. Will check that tonight. Is there anything I can do to get the Help menu to work on this Mac?

OK, to make an annoying situation (DA Crash, missing Help) slightly more frustrating, after making my previous post here I decided to download the DA Manual for V3.0. I was using the DA browser (as I was doing for the post), hit the link to dl, and crashed again. I’m currently accessing the forums from Safari. At the time the crash occurred, DA was the only open program and I had no searches running, archives open, or anything like that, so memory shouldn’t be the culprit.

It sounds like something is corrupt, as the Help file is available from the Help menu, at least it is on Lion.

How did you reinstall DEVONagent? Just replacing the application is usually ineffective as the various settings (in Application Support) or the preference file are more likely to become corrupt than is the application itself.

I just dl’d it in Safari and, when uncompressed, etc., dragged it’s icon into Applications per the instructions. Opened it and added my license code to register. I’m hoping that Christian or someone can tell me what to undo/redo to fix it. I need it badly; was doing an important search for a proposal.

Just did a permissions repair and fsck to check file damage. Got a clean bill of health on the fsck. Permissions were repaired, but I didn’t see any associated with DA.

Please send the crash log(s) (see ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports in your home directory) to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com. Thank you.