Help ! Mysterious large Group (5681 items, 1.9 GB) appeared in Global Inbox

I discovered a Group in my Global Inbox. I don’t know when it appeared. One thing is certain: I never deliberately created it.

The Group name is Conversion Engine EML RTF in the Global Inbox database.
Description of the group: it contains only one subgroup called applications and many many subgroups of Engine EML RTF/Applications which all seem to contain a wide variety of file types: “package”, txt, jar, htm, etc.
Items: 5681 in total, occupies 1.9 GB space. There are no indexed items, no duplicates and no replicants. File types: “package”, txt, jar, htm, etc.

I created a smart rule (see below) in the past to automatically convert my imported email messages (eml) to rtf so I could annotated them. Ironically, I had even checked with forum members that my smart rule was OK.


  • why would the group have been created ? could it be related to the smart rule ?
  • I will delete the smart rule. Can I safely delete the group ? How could I be 1,000% sure that it contains no index items. Below is the smart group I created to make sure there were no smart items. I really don’t want to mess up my Mac applications, so I would like to double check.

thanks in advance for your time and help

2021-12-14_12-23-12 (1)

Neither DEVONthink nor smart rules import anything on their own, the most likely reason according to the screenshot seems to be drag & drop of a subfolder of /Applications onto DEVONthink’s Finder icon (or into DEVONthink’s Inbox folder or to a folder having attached folder actions).

Does smart group return any indexed items? Otherwise there are none.

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Thank you Christian.
I had another look:

  • The group in question contains a series of subgroups which correspond exactly to all the subfolders of my applications folder which is very strange. I don’t think it could be a be a drag and drop error.
  • it remains strange that the name of the group that suddenly appeared
    — corresponds exactly to the name of the smart rule and
    — also that the name is Conversion Engine EML RTF which is very unusual. In other words it is unlikely that the resemblance with the smart rule name is simply a coincidence.

please note that I never consciously drag and drop into DevonThink

I wonder if it could be a glitch if I added a Finder or Pathfinder DevonThink add-on. Is there such a thing, so I can remove it ? thank you

The only add-on for the Finder is the sidebar alias for the Global Inbox. There is none for PathFinder.

I can’t find the add-on in Finder, and I don’t know which “folder” in the sidebar could be the DevonThink one (because I want to remove it). Where could I find information on it the DevonThink Finder add-on, including removing it ?.
thank you very much

If I drag and drop into the sidebar icon, are the files in DevonThink imported or indexed ? thanks

Imported. That’s always the default behavior.

OK, I found the add-on. thank you

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Do you think you may have accidentally dragged and dropped the /Applications folder on the Inbox alias? (PS: Stranger things have happened… and some intentionally! :open_mouth: )

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Yes, and I would add that I am error prone.
My question may be academic, but I am still puzzled by the question I asked @cgrunenberg here

That is indeed highly unusual. No precedent for it, I’m afraid.

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and there is no folder by that name in my mac