Help needed deciphering error in activity log

This error keeps occurring in the activity log. Here’s the file/action text:

Couldn’t communicate with a helper application.

And the listed information:

NSCocoaErrorDomain 4101

I’ve searched the help file and the forum to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


What kind of sync is reporting this?

Sometimes I have the same “error” message. I sync my databases with iCloud

This is an indeterminate error. It is non-fatal from our experience and the few reports we’ve received.

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I am getting this error as well (using macOS 10.15.4/Devonthink 3.0.4), and am syncing via iCloud. I am not certain but I believe this happens only with one of my databases that is syncing and it is an index-only database (except for inbox, which is a clearinghouse for items before their moved to their indexed-folder locations). Not sure if that might have anything to do with it but also tracking this topic in case this is ever figured out.

FWIW, I don’t notice any issues with performance on this database and have not had any problems in DTTG on the database I suspect is having this error.

I’m syncing with icloud as well but don’t believe I’m using any indexing.