Help needed deciphering error in activity log

This error keeps occurring in the activity log. Here’s the file/action text:

Couldn’t communicate with a helper application.

And the listed information:

NSCocoaErrorDomain 4101

I’ve searched the help file and the forum to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


What kind of sync is reporting this?

Sometimes I have the same “error” message. I sync my databases with iCloud

This is an indeterminate error. It is non-fatal from our experience and the few reports we’ve received.

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I am getting this error as well (using macOS 10.15.4/Devonthink 3.0.4), and am syncing via iCloud. I am not certain but I believe this happens only with one of my databases that is syncing and it is an index-only database (except for inbox, which is a clearinghouse for items before their moved to their indexed-folder locations). Not sure if that might have anything to do with it but also tracking this topic in case this is ever figured out.

FWIW, I don’t notice any issues with performance on this database and have not had any problems in DTTG on the database I suspect is having this error.

I’m syncing with icloud as well but don’t believe I’m using any indexing.

I get this error message when sync with iCloud - I see this as mission critical because I need confidence that my data is being correctly 100% in iCloud. I have one other device in sync. I cannot go round checking to see if every document is properly in synch.

Welcome @MichaelAWhite
As mentioned above it is an error reported from iCloud, not an issue with sync itself. iCloud is not as reliable since the changes they made for Catalina and iOS 13.
We are working on an alternative for a future release.

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I just started seeing this, too—with some frequency.

What’s the “alternative” mentioned—an entirely different sync system?



I’m not at liberty to discuss the alternative specifically, but it’s still related to iCloud.

Hi. Since today I have the same message in all my databases. What can I do to sync again?

NSCocoaErrorDomain 4101

This error?

What version of DEVONthink and operating system are you running?

devonthink 3.6.3, Big Sur 11.2.3

yes… now I noticed that the iCloud sync I’m running says Legacy.

As noted above, it’s a non-specific, non-fatal error.

but i must change to CloudKit sync?

No, it’s not required to switch to CloudKit. CloudKit is merely an option. If the Legacy sync is working as expected, you can continue using it.