Help needed with purge documents.


I use DEVONthink To Go on my iPhone and iPad only and I’m having some issues with purging documents, it’s very hit and miss. Sometimes the purge option is available and other times it isn’t.
Does anyone know and can explain why it is only available some of the time and how I can resolve the issue of the option not being available?
Some times it will let me purge a pdf or picture and other times it won’t. I have the automatically purge set to 100 and there are always more than 100 downloaded documents, I’m trying to purge all my downloaded documents.

Do you have items in your Global Inbox?

Yes I do, about 16 in total

And how many Downloaded items do you have, bearing in mind that purging isn’t immediate if you’re just changed the Keep slider?

114 downloaded items, I have always kept the slider at 100 items since I started using the app. It has never kept to the 100 item limit, is there some sort of setting I may be missing?

The Global Inbox doesn’t purge. If you have 14 items (not “about 16”) in the Global Inbox, this would account for the number and be correct.

Edit: The Global Inbox is set to Download Files: Always by default, so it won’t purge by default.