Help needed with smart rule

Hello to all other DT3 users here.

I am new to DEVONthink and want to accomplish this: add web pages to DT3 automatically from any client (Windows PC, Android Phone etc.)

My idea for the workflow is this:

  1. clip the article to Pocket
  2. create a file with the article URL in it in a OneDrive folderk via IFTTT
  3. index that OneDrive folder in DT3
  4. starting a DT3 smart rule as soon as a file is added to the OneDrive folder, read the URL in it, launch the URL and send the web page to DT3

Steps 1 to 3 work flawlessly, even my smart rule is triggered as soon as IFTTT creates the file in OneDrive.

How do accomplish it that DT3 reads the URL from the text file and sends it to Safari?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Welcome @rainer1957

  • Is Pocket necessary in this process?
  • Why are you creating a text file instead of a bookmark?

I’m using Pocket because I can send to it from every browser on Windows and Android with a simple click. Due to your hint I’ve changed the workflow to create a URL file and the script triggers fine and launches the URL in Safari.
What still is missing: which actions do I use to send the active Safari page as a PDF back to DT3?

There’s no need to involve Safari.

Index the folder in OneDrive you’re using to receive the bookmarks. You’ll target it in the smart rule.

Here is an example smart rule that converts detected bookmarks into single page PDFs…

Note it’s specific in where it’s targeting, the type of file it’s looking for, and the date/time the file was added. Being more specific than being too general.

@BLUEFROG wow, that’s simple but great. Thank you so much.

The automation part of DT3 is most interesting for me. Where do I start reading about it?

You’re very welcome!

In the manual and built in Help, there is an Automation chapter.

This is awesome. Thanks a lot for your help.

Glad you like it :slight_smile: