Help Needed with this smart rule: Screenshot to Searchable PDF, delete the original file(s)

I’m trying to create a rule that does the following:

  1. When I save a screenshot with the word CleanShot in the file name to the Inbox,
  2. DevonThink creates a PDF that is searchable, and then
  3. Deletes the original.

This rule almost works; It creates the searchable PDF (PDF + Text), deletes the PNG, but leaves behind the original PDF. Any ideas?

Yes, as mentioned elsewhere on the forums, as well as in the Appendix > Smart Rule Actions & Events section of the built-in Help and manual, use the OCR > Apply action.

I would also use the Kind is Image criterion to process only images. Remember it’s best to be as specific as possible.

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@BLUEFROG Fantastic! Thank you very much. Worked like a charm.

My pleasure :slight_smile: