Help - pdf files now unusable

I have been keeping up with the upgrades but this last to version 1.8 has made my pdf articles in Devonthink unusable. Now all I seem to have is the first page, and that at postage stamp size. Zoomlng in doesn’t work because the resolution is now very poor. Text files are fine, they have survived the upgrade.

Help, what have I done?


Under preferences, “images and pdf”, do you have “don’t copy” files into database checked?

What about "automatically create thumbnails"?

Sounds like perhaps the pdf file or file reference may have changed.

IIRC I had a similar problem some time ago when having “don’t copy” checked off. Reimporting the pdfs using the “copy files to database folder” did the trick if memory serves.

Thanks, Milhouse, looks like you’ve diagnosed the problem.

Sure enough, under Preferences/Images & PDF, I have “Don’t copy files” checked by default.

DEVONthink has been a superb tool to handle all my data - but I knew sooner or later I’d need to understand a bit more how it works since I depend upon it so much. Because it is so simple to use I’ve put this moment off - but really should have opened the manual before now…