Help Sorting


Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am completely new to the DTPO2 and the S1500M.

I created a database with my company name. Within that database I made a couple of groups. Company Invoices, Company PO’s. With each invoice and PO I issue there are more docs that go with them. If I place the associated docs in the corresponding group they are all together in the right hand side ‘view’ window. I would like to be able to create a group within my group, or sub folders. Then I can have one for each invoice and docs.

The thought of going paperless is very appealing but I need to be able to access the info with ease.

Is there a tutorial or any tips you can suggest that can get me started correctly with regards to filing these items.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

There are possibilities to link associated documents together but this would be very complicated to accomplish. I would stay that the easiest ways would be:

  • Create a sub-group for each PO and add all documents belonging to it into the group including the PO document itself, or:
  • Join the documents into one larger PDF file that begins with the PO or invoice as the first page, then continues with all the other associated documents. You can select two or more PDFs and use the Data > Merge menu command.

With the latter you have just one PDF per invoice or PO that contains all necessary pages.