Help : what are those tags that look like folders?

I can see that my database contains tags that look like folders :

I do not know what these are, so I probably created them without realizing it. What are they called, used for and can I delete them safely?

ps. Sorry for asking this if the answer is in the manual, could not find it, nor in the forums.

Are these groups replicated (see instances in Info panel) or is the option to exclude them from tagging enabled (again see Info panel)?

Info panel says they are groups. Looks like some of my groups appear in this tag list. In the info panel the option to exclude them from tagging is greyed/not available. Still no idea how they ended up in the tags list, nor the reason for such a feature.

I would suggest that perhaps your database is damaged. The info panel indicates that the Bolduc Group you have selected is located inside the Paperless>Mobile Sync Group, even though it appears to be inside the Tags Group. Try running the Verify & Repair command and see if it reports any errors.

Just did, no error. “Successfully verified”.

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug. Please send screencaptures but do not blur the data as there may be clues we can glean.

This group was probably replicated and one instance moved to the Tags group, the other one is in still the Mobile Sync group (as replicants inside the Tags group aren’t marked as replicants in the Info panel).

Is there a section of the manual that explains this and why it could be used for ?

Thanks !


Nothing in the manual as there is no practical use for replicating groups to the Tags group, that I can think of. I would expect that it has to be something that you did in the past, even if inadvertently.

Also, the Mobile Sync Group itself is a relic of the DEVONthink to Go version 1 days and is no different now than any other normal group in the database.

Great, thank you for your detailed answer :smiley:

According to the video you sent into Support, the group was dropped onto a Tag, effectively tagging the group itself. A Tag replicant was created in the Tag group, as is the normal operation. The group had to have been moved out of the Tag group it was in, leaving the replicant in the Tags group as anormal group, showing the location of the original.