Help with backup

The Destination, Select button is greyed out. I’d like to set a backup path to an external HDD (eventually to AS3) for dbs that reside on my HDD. I selected Tools->Backup and Verify, but don’t know where the back up is going. I don’t want two copies on the same HDD, defeats the purpose of backing up and takes up extra space.


EDIT: right-click on the image to view full size and see the part I’m talking about.

Those scheduled backups are stored internally in the database package file. I wouldn’t wait for a weekly backup. Personally, I manually trigger a backup whenever I’ve spent significant effort in changes, either by adding a number of new items, or writing.

DEVONthink Pro/Pro Office users should take a look at Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. Backup Archive verifies, optimizes and creates current internal and external backups. The external archive is the smallest possible, compressed and dated file of your database and can be stored on any mounted drive, a DVD or sent for storage to MobilMe or any other destination you choose.