Help with Devonthink Help

I’m having trouble getting help from the Devonthink people. I’ve split a database and the new one appears to contain no files, and I can’t figure out where they went. Devonthink responded to my request for help with one email, followed by a week of silence. I’m in the middle of writing a MSc. thesis and have lost some important material.

Any suggestions as to how I might get their attention?


Have you replied to the email? I am not seeing any response back in email or in our Ticket System.

hm. I replied a number of times. Will forward them.

Yes, I’ve sent five replies; first with information and then desperate entreaties for assistance.

Not sure what else to do…

Can I post my replies to Jim here anywhere?

The last entry on your ticket is Feb. 18, 2013. A response sent by me back to you with this note…

I also have no loose emails from you. Are you clicking the link in the email and responding?

I’ve gone directly into the ticket and responded there. Thanks.