Help with Download Manager

I’m trying to grab an assortment of links off of a database, however it grabs the ip to recognize the user instead of a login/password form. I opened up the page in safari and sent the links to dl manager in DTP. The problem is, though, that download manager only grabbed ‘preview’ pages of the documents instead of the full pages, stating that I needed to log-in. Any ideas of anything I can do?


Jose, is that site one requiring subscription or special access, e.g. through a university network access to an Internet database that’s not available to the general public for free?

Yes, its a database that my university subscribes to. If you ask for copyright reasons, the database gives explicit permission to download the “sections” of the book as long as there strictly for personal use. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t for the fact that I do a few hours of travel, when I don’t have access any access of any sort, a week. Also, I find it a little inconvenient to have to open a web browser whenever I want to read a material, whereas I usually always have dtp open.

So is there something ‘taboo about checking out’ a book to read with me when I can’t log on? I believe to be in line with the ToC, but I surely could be wrong.

If not, does anyone have any ideas as to the best way to grab some of this material?