Help with encrypted scan paths

I’ve got an encrypted disk image on a USB flash drive that is where I scan my PDFs to. When I remove the drive and quit DTPO 1.5.4, and try to scan at a later date, the ExactScan Capture can’t find the path. It looks like this in the finder and was this when last scanning:

/Volumes/DISK IMAGE/Scans

However, clicking the Choose button takes me to /Volumes/DISK IMAGE 1/Scans and my scans don’t go the USB drive.

Part 2 of the question, where are they going?

Check in the Finder to see if the path /Volumes/DISK IMAGE already exists when the USB thingy is not plugged in. OS X creates a folder with the name of the mounted volume – and if a folder by that name already exists, it appends a " 1" or whatever to the name and tries again. If some confused application writes to /Volumes/DISK IMAGE/goatse.pdf when the USB drive isn’t plugged in, OS X merrily creates that folder and file, and then you’re all screwed up.

That’s what’s going on. But how do I change it, or delete the old ones?

I’ve also got some paths to external HDD’s that aren’t physically connected right now. I’ve been having other issues that may be related to this issue.

Also, where is “Volumes”? When looking at my HDD (Macintosh HD) I don’t see a Volumes folder.


Deleting those extra folders in the /Volumes/ directory fixed my other problems I had mentioned earlier. I’ve got an external HDD that I keep my photos on and access via Parallels and a program called ACDSee Pro 2.5. I couldn’t see my images anymore, the path was “broken”. Deleting those duplicate folders fixed it.

Thanks again for the answer. My DTPO scanning is also now going to the correct folder on the encrypted drive.

The problem is fairly easy to remedy – simply eject and unplug all drives, drag /Volumes/DISK IMAGE (the whole directory) to your desktop, and repeat for any other incorrect folders. Then plug in your drives, and they’ll take the correct name. Then copy the contents of ~/Desktop/DISK IMAGE back to the USB drive – checking, of course, that you’re preserving the versions of your files that you want to preserve.

It’s hidden. If you open up Terminal and type the following, you can see it, along with a lot of other system folders:

cd /
ls -l

Apple hides this stuff because it’s part of the BSD portion of OS X, which normal users don’t need to (and therefore shouldn’t) see. Normally, this is a good rule, and keeps people from mucking around with stuff they shouldn’t EVER muck with. However, it gives rise to problems like yours, particularly with the problems that /Volumes/ presents.


Glad to hear it’s straightened out for you. I can almost guarantee you that you will have this problem again… and, because it’s kind of a thorny problem, I can almost guarantee that Apple will not do anything to fix it.

The important thing is I (and hopefully others reading this) now know a proper and simple fix.

Thanks again! :smiley: