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I am testing out the File Transclusion feature introduced in DevonThink 3.7. It works with MD files from within a group, but gives me a “?” Thumbnail when the transcluded file is from another group. Does anyone else face this issue? What should I do (or not do) to fix this issue?

Thank you all very much in advance!



Welcome @Obi

What other group - a subgroup of the Markdown file’s group or one outside that?

Thank you for your reply @BLUEFROG!
So both are part of the same database, just in different groups.

You’re welcome!

How are you entering the link? It appears you have a WikiLink in a transclusion link, which isn’t supported. In fact, I can’t reproduce that condition here as prefixing the ! before the square brackets removes the active link.

@BLUEFROG “To use transclusion, just enter the desired document’s name or item link between doublebraces,e.g.,{{Chapter 1}}. Transclusion supports filenames with and without extensions, relative and absolute links, as well as item links. It also supports the Obsidiansyntax,e.g.,![[Chapter]].”

I am using the Obsidian syntax form. It’s weird, because when both files are under the same group, it works just fine!


It’s weird, because when both files are under the same group, it works just fine!

Actually it makes perfect sense. :slight_smile:

What’s weird to me is why it’s showing as an active hyperlink in your example: ![[Transclusion Test]]. As I said, a transclusion link should negate the WikiLink.

Either way, you have to use the absolute path or an item link if the transcluded file is not in the same group, e.g., /Markdown/Files/Chapter would transclude a file in the Files subgroup of a Markdown group in the root of the database.

@BLUEFROG Perhaps I am missing something. I screenshot my preferences window for wikilinks

Can you please explain how to do file Transclusion from two markdown files in different groups under the same database. Without having any absolute path usage if possible, so with the item links would be better for me as I am trying to develop a consistent ‘error-proof’ workflow for my research.

I am specifically asking on how to transclude two files under two different groups using the item links. I apologize in advance if my questions are dumb, as I am more or less new and perhaps need more spoon feeding than the average user.

No worries! The only dumb questions are the ones that remain unasked (unless someone is trolling, then they’re all dumb :wink: )

Item links will work for any file in any database, not just the current one. (Just a detail but no harm in your case.)

You can Control-click the file to be transcluded and choose Copy Item Link. Then use the standard syntax {{…}} or the alternative Obsidian syntax ![[…]] and paste the item link between the braces or brackets.

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Yes! That works! Now my next question. I usually insert item links by holding Control-Cmd + E then selecting the file from there, with that, however, it pastes an item link in different format than the one produced by the Copy Item Link way. The difference is that it adds the name of the file in single brackets before the parentheses, which does not produce a successful file transclusion. Is there a workaround?
@BLUEFROG I truly appreciate your help by the way. Thanks a lot!

This is important as well, as a copied item link does not show a link between the two files (under the document pane under links in the inspector), but an inserted one does.

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile:

What do you have set to Control-Command-E?

Ahh… I missed you were using Insert > Item Link.

It pulls up the Link To pop-up, which I can use to find the file I want to link to. It then pastes an item link which looks like […] (URL) instead of only the (URL) which is pasted from the Copy Item Link way.

Yeah, that will insert a proper Markdown link to the file. It is not made for transclusion links. Development would have to assess that behavior.

Agreed. Also, copied item links do not show up as links in the inspector pane, which is a major drawback in my opinion.

I’m seeing no issue with copying an item link and pasting it into a Markdown document as a proper link.
It shows as an outgoing link.
And going to the linked document shows an incoming link.



PS: The visual dispay of the WikiLink in the transclusion link will be corrected in the next maintenance release.

I must be totally missing something. Can you put up a video showing how to add a file to make it a transcluded link? I have tried to follow this thread, but I am confused. I think a video showing the entire process will help me tremendously. Thanks!

Hey, I think I figured out how transclusion works.