help with fonts


I’m using DevonThink Pro Office (original version, haven’t upgraded to 2.x yet) for a research project about India. I constantly import current news clippings in both English and Hindi, and Devon shows the Hindi fonts perfectly when I add Hindi-language clips as rich text files.

However, I’d like to set up a RSS news feed to cull articles from a Hindi-language newspaper. I stated to do this, and the actual RSS feed works just fine, but here’s my problem: The truncated headings as they appear in Devon don’t come through in Hindi; they’re just in gobbledegook ASCII-like characters. If I click on them to navigate to the actual web page of the news article, the Hindi appears fine – the browser within Devon shows the Hindi fonts with no problem. But is there a way to get the headings to show up in Hindi? I’ve tried playing with font manager in Devon, but I don’t quite know what exactly I should do.

Many thanks in advance for your input.