Help with revealing document?

I’m a fairly new user of DT so this is one of those “could use some help to stop me overlooking the obvious” questions…

I constantly find myself “losing” documents in the folder structure.

I usually work in 3-pane view. I’ll be looking at a document and switch to another folder. The upper right pane then shows the contents of that folder, and the lower right pane is empty until I select a new document to view. When I return to the original document using the back button, the upper pane still shows the contents of the folder I switched to, that folder is still selected in the left pane,and I am looking at the original document in the lower right pane with no clue about where it resides. At that point I don’t know how to locate it in the folder structure, except by doing a search.

I have located the Reveal command, but I can’t see that it does anything.

What am I missing?

There could be a faster/better way to do this (perhaps there is), but this process will locate the document in the folder structure.

  1. Do your browsing steps as you outlined in your post.
  2. Once you have returned to the previous document using the back arrow, click on the ‘hat’ icon in the action bar or select ‘Data>See Also & Classify’. The top item in the 'See Also section will be the document you are viewing that is ‘lost’.
  3. Right-click on that item in the pane and select ‘Reveal’ and you will be taken back to that item in the folder list.

Thanks Greg, I hadn’t thought of that. That will definitely work.

I do wish there was some other indication of location that was more immediate, though.

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