Help with RTF formatting

Hi Everybody…

This is my first post… :smiley: I have been using DEVONthinkPro for about 2 months now and just love it. I have been working on a pretty extensive script to create and maintain a GTD type of Project/Calendar/Task management system in DEVONthink using Applescript. I am creating some custom reports that generate based on replicant locations and create RTF documents that are then stored in DEVONthink and uploaded to my iDisk automatically.

Here’s my challenge… The only way I have found to use Applescript to format things like paragraph fonts and colors is to force a new window into the foreground and then close the window with saving programmatically. I just can’t seem to get the formatting to stick when I just access the rich text property of the record. Is formatting directly into the rich text property even possible? I don’t get an error in my tell statements but instead it just doesn’t do it.

Any help would be greatly… greatly… appreciated…

Thanks in Advance,


Mac OS X’s rich text scripting is still limited to visible views/windows. But you could reuse one window for multiple records.