Help with script that copies selected doc to specified folder in Finder, then opens a Finder window with that doc secected?

Very sorry if I overlooked a preexisting script to accomplish this! I found about ten very similar threads, but each workflow was a little different from the automation I’m trying to accomplish, which is simply to copy a DT item to a Finder folder (that is specified in the script itself), then launch Finder and reveal/select the copied file and/or set the Finder folder view to sort by Date Added (so the copied file is on top). That’s it! :slight_smile:

(I use a skinny pop-up Keyboard Maestro menu (they call these “palettes”) that lists all my most-used DT scripts and this would be one I’d wish to add to there.

A huge thank you in advance!

May I ask what you’re actually doing this for?

May I ask what you’re actually doing this for?

Of course :slight_smile:.

The destination folder is the document container for a genealogy tree-building software I use, called Reunion. When I move a DT item into there, I manually change the filename to YYYYMMDD, then open it if PDF Expert, remove all annotations, save, then attach to my tree. Files that transfer from DT to this “specified folder” I reference in OP, are a tiny fraction of my DT database. Also true; the items in that external Finder folder account for every “multimedia” item in my genealogy tree.

These various desktop tree-building apps can export/transfer entire databases (trees) from one app to another. This is done by way of a text file (called GEDCOM). Contained in that text file, are defined paths that point each source that has an image, to the image itself in a document container established for that purpose.

So the DT items are always PDF files?

I put JPG and PNG in that tree folder, too. Of course, there’s a range of document types in my DT database, but just those three file types get copied for that geneology tree folder.

  • Do you really need to copy the files out to the Dropbox folder?
    • If not, why don’t you just Indexing the Dropbox folder you want the files to go to?

Doh! Missed your response Jim. Answer: it might just be a mental-mindset thing with ZERO practicality on my part whatsoever. In a nutshell; I don’t have a single external item in this DT database and sort of want to keep it that way for the same reason I want the Reunion (family tree) database to be self contained.

A more common use of DT, in combination with genealogy software, is to point the genealogy/tree database sources over to DT by way of item links. I know at least a few people on this forum doing it that way, but for a variety of reasons, this isn’t the most practical method for myself.

As for the above script, it’s a bit ridiculous in the first place, as I can call-up a new Finder window, set to this multimedia folder, with Control-Option-Command + F, then simply drag the desired item over to there–which takes all of a few seconds.

I suppose my desire has to do with using larger monitors, or two monitors, and having DT show up in one spot, and Finder–perhaps unsolicited–in another spot.

Hats off to you and your colleagues on the recent DT3 update! The software in general is just a dream to work with. I could live without a tree-building genealogy database, but not without DT–it is now central to my daily workflow.

No worries and thanks for the generous kudos and encouragement! :slight_smile: