Help with unwanted grouping/ how to undo

Hello community,

I have a large database filled with notes on archival documents for my dissertation. Each of my groups stands for each archival file viewed, and nested within these labeled groups I have RTFs, which I use for notes on specific pages of the archival file. But just today I was viewing an RTF and I must have clicked something and it separated off into it’s own group ! Now this rtf stands alone in a group automatically called “grouped 1.” I am panicking now because I cannot trace it back to where it was originally nested and that original group it belonged to has the official archival file number. Without being able to "undo’ this group and to get the RTF back to where it was, I have lost the ability to know what archival file that note belongs to.
Does anyone know what might have happened and whether I can see a “history” of where that RTF was located so that I can put it back in its old group? I have clicked on “information” and I don’t see anything that allows undoing.
Thanks in advance !


The Undo would only have applied if you made no more subsequent actions.
And unfortunately, there’s no other real history of a file’s location in the databases.

Also, it sounds like you merely pressed Option-Command-G, though that generally would create a group based on the name of the file, unless multiples were selected.

Assuming you have a backup of the database (Time Machine), could you not either simply restore that, or if unwilling, or you had made other changes since the backup restore to a different location, open that restored database and search in it for some pertinent feature of the note now misgrouped?

If you do chose to restore, pls make a separate backup of your current database first before overwriting.

Thank you all for these suggestions and answers to me question. Too bad there isn’t a “history” of placement. But I do have aa timeline backup, so I will go with that. Thanks~!