Help with using DTPO

I have been scanning lots of documents into Devonthink Pro Office using a Fujitsu Scansnap and also archived lots of email and although I set up lots of folders, I have never used it properly and want to start using it properly now. Can I file away everything that is done on an external drive and open it only when required and start a fresh new database now.

I could start a new database but as I use a Macbook Air. I do not want all the historical data on my SSD drive and would want to open the “archive” copy when required, and ideally bring some documents from the archive to the new (2012 documents).

I have bought the Take Control book but still cannot seem to find the best way to use the software. I have many hundreds of email folders and would like to move this structure/method to Devonthink so the folders could have everything related - emails, scanned documents, notes, and other documents created.

Any help related to these queries would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


Sure. You could create a database on the external drive, one on the internal drive and open them on demand.

Moving items to other databases is of course possible, just open both databases and move the items via drag & drop or the contextual/action menu.