Help with very simple filing structure, please

Greetings. BTW prior to posting here I searched paperless, filing, archiving, etc. in the forums. Although I am not yet facile with DT structures I find myself needing to assist others who want the absolute simplest workflow to use DT3 and ScanSnap ix1500 to take small home offices paperless.

Currently the ScanSnap DT Profile we created is working great. We have all scans going into Global Inbox. We save each scan with a short meaningful name and each scan is searchable PDF. We imagine one database with all scans going into a single big basket. We don’t want to file or organize at the computer, but later be able to Search and locate based on file name, OCR page content, and/or possibly Tags.

The number of items in the Inbox is growing, not a huge problem. But I can see where it might be helpful to archive scans by year. As a test, I selected a group of items, made them into a Group called 2019 and added the Group to Favorites. As years go by, we could click these favorited Groups and see content from specific years.

Yet this leaves the new favorited Group, 2019, at the top left corner of the Global Inbox, which is not desirable. Moreover it would be preferable to have new scans land in “this year’s view,” with past years’ scans not in the same window.

Could you please direct me how to set up the simplest organization, such that launching DT or perhaps initiating a scan from the ScanSnap DT Profile will reliably place all scans in the correct place, with the ability to archive or easily view scans by year created? Many thanks!

There are two possibilities:

  1. You could use a smart group for each year

  2. A smart rule performed on scanning files the scans in a group for the year: