Every time I launch Devonthink I get this error. Something is wrong with the sorter. I tried reinstalling everything and it still happens. Is there a way to fully uninstall the sorter so I can start from scratch? Or, someway to fix this?

If I click on cancel OR “Go To Finder” the window just pops up again constantly.

Thanks to however can help me out…

If the Sorter is running, Quit it. If the DEVONthink application is running, Quit it.

Locate and move to the Trash the folder named ‘DEVONthink Sorter’ at ~/Library/Application Support/.

Locate and move to the Trash the file named ‘com.devon-technologies.think-sorter.plist’ at ~/Library/Preferences/.

Launch System Preferences and click on ‘Accounts’. Click on the ‘Login Items’ tab. If one or more items named ‘DEVONthink Sorter’ are listed, select it/them and press the ‘-’ button to delete it/them.

Launch the DEVONthink application.