Hi there, are there anyone with ADHD that is using DT3?

Hi there, I have ADHD and I found this product useful in terms of searching, but I was wondering are there any fellow adhders who are using DT3 in their workflow. I got to admit that my filing is a mess. DT3 helps me to search for things easily and I would want this to be my second brain.

I would like to learn any if there is a workflow in relation to

  • receiving tasks to do via WhatsApp and start a workflow
  • receiving tasks to do via outlook and starting a workflow
  • workflows from an iPhone to Mac.

Sorry if this seems like an asinine question but I got inspired at DT’s latest blog post on a workflow.

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Not ADHD (I think) but I’m happy with my tasks workflow

I use the Global Inbox for collection
Records are then processed and moved to my FilingCabinet database

For any record that’s actionable, I assign tags as required
. optional due-date; custom metadata
. status (pending, active, completed, …); label
. optional project id; tag

I have a smart group showing active tasks, sorted in due-date sequence
I do weekly project reviews
Whenever a task is completed,
. I update the status label to completed
. Identify the Next Action and update the status label to active

workflows from an iPhone to Mac

Not sure what you’re looking for
I have DTTG installed on my iPad,
and set up the automatic sync process

Thank you for your reply. For iPhone, I have instructions from my boss to say, - research on this competitor, I usually take a screen capture and that is about it. I was wondering if there is an efficient way to send the screen capture to devon think 3, convert it into pdf for text recognition and I automate by means of filing.

Do you have Devonthink installed on your iPhone < I recommend it
I use the share menu to send the screenshot to Devonthink (iPhone)
and it syncs automatically to Devonthink (Mac)
Devonthink (iPhone) will do the convert-to-pdf
but I usually do any processing on the Mac

I have not downloaded it yet. Anything that I should take note off to ensure that sync goes smoothly?

The outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook” details how to setup synching.

A number of options are available. The most reliable and quickest is using Apple’s Bonjour protocol, requiring devices be on the same network. See here on this forum Bonjour Simplified for supplementary info about Bojour setup.

Third party internet-facing services are also available. Fully described in the “DEVONthink Handbook”.

There is a YouTuber called Bryan Jenks who talks a lot about using software on Mac to cope with ADHD, for example this video:


As far as I know, he doesn’t use DEVONthink, but you might find some of his other recommendations useful. He has obviously thought about this a lot, and experimented a lot, and his videos are usually very clear and easy to follow, though some of them are VERY long!

To @rmschne & @mbbntu thank you for taking the time to write back. I will study those links provided.

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