Hidden preferences in DTPO and size of image grabbed in rtf

According to DTPO’s manual (page 156), there are some hidden preferences that can be toggled on/off by terminal commands. Two of them are relevant to my work but I am not sure if they are still valid in High Sierra?

(1) ShouldScaleAttachedImages. I can’t control the size of image paste to rtf when using “capture selection from screen”. The images are always too big for me. Currently I need to click open the pasted image in preview, select tools->Adjust Size, choose a smaller size and close preview. The displayed image is smaller after close and re-open the rtf file, but somehow the reported image file size becomes larger (as shown In the preview app during the re-sizing process). I guess the question is whether this hidden preference option is no longer working in high Sierra? If not, is there a better way to reduce the size of image displayed (resolution) in the rtf as well as reducing the image file size (file format)?

(2) DisableFinderTags. I do all my tagging in DTPO only. If I toggle on this preference (if still valid in High Sierra), will DTPO only recognise all tags that are currently in the database and will only recognise tags that are changed/created in the database in the future? Does this preference apply to files that are located within DTPO and to files that are indexed to external folders?

Thank you in advance

This preference scales only images wider than the current view/window but it doesn’t modify the actual image and therefore the filesize remains the same.

And this option disables only exporting/updating of Finder tags but existing Finder tags are always imported.

Thank you very much for the info.