Hide empty trash

is there a way to secure the Trash more.
Can you please add an safety questions like for deleting a database?

Welcome @GoPro
There is already a mandatory confirmation when deleting a database. Not only do you need to press a button, but you must check the checkbox for the confirmation.


That should be sufficient to avoid accidental deletion.

Did you read my post?
I ask for a feature like this for the trash when I press the empty menu…

I guess I didnt understand the phrasing you used when I read it.

There already is a warning for when you empty the Trash.

It’s not as specific, but Development would have to assess this.

I would love is there a more secure way how ever… I have the problem that one in my family delete an item and empty the trash afterwards… there is afterwards no way back :frowning May an option who syncs on empty the trash the content to an trash database… or something like…


That’s why backups are important. It could also happen with a faulty drive.

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The problem here is when a family member delete an document out of thousands and empty the trash you don’t know at this time you are missing an document and a backup won’t work… except you store you backups life time…

You could do timed backups and go back in time to the backup that had the missing document. Or use Backblaze that has now one month of free history and for a small fee it could be extended up to a year.

Sorry to say but backups are important for critical files. Hard drives could fail, fires, theft, lightning strikes destroying equipment, broken computers and much more.

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I have a proper backup on 2 Synolgoy NAS servers on different location - storage time is 24 month or longer.

Anyhow my feature request to devonthink is:
Please add an function for the trash who disable the empty function or move if Someone empty the trash the data to an hidden database.

The request is noted, but no promises, of course.