Hide file extension when browsing thumbnails

Below each document thumbnail is the title of the document and also the extension. I have mainly PDF files so showing the extension after every title is a waste of space. How can I get Devonthink to hide the file extension? Thanks!

You can use Preferences > Import > Titles… but this doesn not apply retroactively.

How can this functionality be missing from such an established app? I’ve spent ages sorting my documents - I don’t want to import them all again! The import itself took ages too.

One option I can see is to manually delete the last 3 characters (.pdf) from every document in Devonthink, but with around 4000 documents that would take a while! Is there a script that could do this, or an easier way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

Just found a solution - used the “replace” script on all files in Devonthink to replace .pdf with a blank space. Seem to work and without leaving a space at the end of the filename too!

It might be interesting to notice that across the 14 years of history in this forum, the request “hide file extension” only shows up in 7 postings. Six of them from this thread. Including the one I just wrote.

Not to say it’s not a good idea. Just noticing it’s not among the top 10 requests.

File extensions are as prevalent in macOS / OS X as they are in Windows. There is no real benefit to removing them. And if you were doing this in the Finder (as this operation only affects the title, not the filename), you would quickly break things.

Yes, I’m not talking about removing the file extensions of course - I’m talking about not having them in the document title. Two quite different things! And I’m surprised that this has not come off more often - the document titles are often truncated in thumbnail view due to the limited space underneath the thumbnail, and so removing the “.pdf” gives a bit of extra welcome space!