Highlight Color

A small request.

I would like to be able to choose Highlight Colors through the Show Colors pallette. I find the default Highlight Colors to be too strong and primary for my taste and eyesight.

For example, the particular color of blue that is used to highlight the Search or Find results is much more pleasing to my eyes and easier to read. I would love to be able to specify a color like that, rather than the default colors now in use.



That’s already possible but probably not that obvious. Just select some text, open the color panel, activate the “Background” option and you can apply any background color you like to the selection.

Thanks for the not that obvious but definitely hot tip! I’d still prefer Shift-Command-L rather than opening or keeping the Colors panel open. Maybe someday around version 3.x when you’re kicking back with nothing to do … (?)

User-defined highlight colors might be part of DT 1.9.x  :D