Highlight does not appear when exporting markdown file to pdf

I am using the mark tag to highlight text like this:

<mark>highlighted text</mark>

Then text then appears highlighted in the preview pane. But if I export the markdown file to pdf, the highlight is lost. If I export to html and then convert the html to pdf, then the pdf will have the text highlighted. Is there a way to go straight from markdown to pdf and to have the text highlighted?

Ues this to create the highlighting:

==This is highlighted==

That (for me at least) will convert to a highlight in the document when converted to pdf.

See page 40 of the excellent user guide (also available via the in app help menu) for the markdown syntax.


Sorry, I left off the beginning and ending. I was typing it this way:

{==<mark>highlighted text<\mark>==}.

Now I have removed the mark tag.

On page 40 it says to type it this way: {==highlighted text==} with curly brackets before and after.

I have tried it with and without the curly brackets, and the highlight is still not showing up in the pdf. Not sure why.

Sorry, you are, of course, quite right. However, doing that it works perfectly for me anyway. Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that I’m using DT 3.7.2 on macOS 11.5.1. Are you using the same versions? Do you see the highlighting if you use the context menu Convert to PDF in DT? (I would guess not as both the export and conversion should be using the same engine—but I thought it worth checking.)



How are you exporting to PDF?

I’ve tried:

File => Export => As PDF document
Control-click => Convert => To PDF (One Page)
Control-click => Convert => To PDF (Paginated)

I’m using DT 3.7.2 and macOS Big Sur 11.4

Big Sur is at 11.5.1. We suggest you stay current with operating system point releases.

I’m seeing no issue with the Data > Convert commands.

After the update and restart, it is working. Thanks for the help.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: