Highlight & preview/CSS questions

Hi. Have few questions after searching online:

  1. Only way to highlight selected text in Markdown document is via … ? No other syntax?
  2. Preview/CSS format: where do I store CSS files? Can’t find ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/StyleSheets, or are we supposed to create that folder?
  3. Any depository site I can go to find CSS that work on DEVONthink?


  1. Most markdown implementations have not way to highlight text. Luckly, DT3 uses Multimarkdown so can use critic markup: {==highlighted text==}.

  2. Anywhere you want. Just head over to Preferences > Media > Stylesheet and select the file you want to use.

  3. Again, pretty much any standard CSS for HTML will work. Example.

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@Bernardo_V, thanks for the quick reply!

Ahh, strange syntax {==highlighted text==} for highlighting. Probably will stick to … in case want to use markdown documents in other MD app.

strange syntax {==highlighted text==} for highlighting

That is CriticMarkup syntax.

Probably will stick to …

Can you clarify this?


Just noticed portion of previous replies didn’t show up, needed block code:
<mark> </mark>

I was referring the syntax above which seem to work when tried in iA Writer too.

Ahh… yes. HTML markup is still workable and can be used in any HTML compliant app.

I was trying :: (bear) and == (iA writer) syntax trying to highlight but didn’t work. Seems like HTML syntax works best since it’s more portable. But it’s nice to know DEVONthink supports CriticMarkup as well :ok_hand:

It’s cool that DTG supports CriticMarkup syntax. But the Editor couldn’t support the result like that picture of the attachment.

Is it on roadmap?:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There are no current plans for syntax highlighting in the source of Markdown.