Highlight search terms in different colors


I’d like to request that the next updates of DevonThink and DevonAgent can display search result terms in different colors. It is much like highlight function in google toolbar for Firefox.

Displaying different terms in different colors would be very useful when a person tries to find his results of interest when he/she queries “A near B C” or multiple terms.


Thanks for the suggestion, this will be probably part of a future release but its priority is quite low at the moment.

hey, I would strongly second this.
would be looking helpful for an information/knowledge manager to discern found informational terms that way. as otherwise the differentiation and relationality of terms is important for the whole DT philosophy this would only seem a logical extension of that – while at the same time be very practical/helpful in making sense of results.

… oh, just saw the proposal and the recognition that it is a future plan is actually 3 years old :wink:
– any update on the priority list? :smiley: