Highlighted search strings in 'launched' doc win.

Please forgive me if this has already been covered, but when I have performed a search, the highlighted search strings appear in the top right split window in DT. However, when I double click the current ‘searched’ document, the highlighted text doesn’t carry over to the new document window.

I think it would be very useful if it did, as I find that the document is easier to read/ browse in the launched doc window. Please still keep the highlighted text strings in the split window though, as this is also very useful for quick viewing.


Anyone else interested in this? The necessary changes would be marginal and the highlighting could be even present while editing the contents (of course without saving them).

I’ll double that request, never noticed before that I might need it but now that someone mentions it, this might be a very welcome feature :slight_smile:


Most of the time I DON’T want to see highlighted search strings in the opened content window – would find this very distracting. I always use the Search window to look at search term highlights.

If the suggested feature is added, there should be a button or preference to turn it off as desired by the user.

Activating the feature via. the preferences would be no problem to me, as users could then have a choice   8)


I’ve only just started using DT and I must say first that I love it – I’m working on a hideously complicated book with two versions (academic and consumer) and it’s already proving adept at handling what I need in the way of  3 x 5 cards on steroids.  

<Flattery mode OFF>  <Pay registration fee tonight mode ON> :wink:

The highlighting of search terms in the main pane text would be useful to me – user-choosable, of course.  So I vote "Yes"

I also vote for carrying over the highlighting, with the ability to turn it off if desired. (Perhaps there also could be a Preference for carrying highlighting over or not by default? Ought to make everyone happy!)


I’m also in favour of carrying over the highlighting, with the ability to turn it off if desired.  Could you at the same time add one other improvement … a command (with keyboard shortcut) to jump to the next highlight, and to jump to the previous highlight.  I find that an incredibly useful feature in Hog Bay Notebook.

I believe what you are looking for is already present. Cmd-G will search for the next occurrence in the document and Cmd-Shift-G will search previous occurrences. (Look at "Edit>Find…" for all of the searching options.

Actually this only works if you’ve been searching for a single word or a phrase. Guess rollo is looking for the "Next/Previous Occurence" commands of DEVONagent  ;)