Highlighted text for see also?

When using the AI function, “see also”, it could be most helpful if sections of the documents that result in the similarity could be highlighted or noted in some way.

In other words, it would be helpful to understand which sections of or why DTP “thinks” the documents are similar without having to read through several multi-page documents.
My pdfs are usually greater than 20 pages in length. As such, it would be helpful to be able to refer to specific sections or concepts to decide if I want to accept or reject the “see also” documents before reading through them.

Hopefully this is something that could be implemented without revealing proprietary IP.
In the potential interim, suggestions and workarounds are welcome.

Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll consider this for a future release but no promises yet.

Thank you

As I understand you, Milhouse, you want the relevant parts of the documents in the result column highlighted to find them in a multipage document.
This could be very useful.
What I think could be even more useful is if you could highligt a part of the original document and then press “see also” to find documents similar to the highlighted section. As it is now - if there isn’t something I’ve missed - you can only do this in a roundabout way, by creating a new document from the relevant section of a larger one and then press “See Also”.

Just choose “See Selected Text” in the contextual menu (if there’s a text selection).

There you are. Proves that you should never be to shy - or proud, or whatever - to ask.
Cheers, Christian!