Highlighting disables Hyperlink clickable functions inside PDFs

Consider a PDF document in DT3 (latest beta) with a meeting agenda and the following hyperlink conveniently coloured in blue linking to on-line presentation material:


I make a highlight of the agenda item and get the following:


This is useful because under document/annotations panel on the right side I can add details to the highlighted agenda point and collect all my notes using the summarise highlights function.


So far so good. Unfortunately as soon as I’ve highlighted the agenda item I can no longer use it as a clickable link as the cursor/click function is lost.

Is this a bug or is there a way of keeping both the highlight placeholder + click function ?

Development would have to determine if it’s an actual bug, possibly a PDFKit issue, but I have confirmed the behavior here.

It’s the same in Preview.app, probably because both links and highlighting are PDF annotations and the highlight annotation is above the link annotation, meaning that the click doesn’t get through.

@cgrunenberg is correct on this. Removing the highlight restores the link, so yes, it’s just a separate Annot overlaying the Link.

This can also be verified by highlighting only part of the link text leaving the rest of the link text uncovered. One workaround is thus leaving a least one part of the text without highlight to provide the clickable link function.