Highlighting doesn't work


I want to highlight some words in an OCR’ed PDF file. But it doesn’t work. I can highlight the whole paragraph, or multiple lines. But to highlight only a word, a phrase or a single line of text doesn’t work.

Is this a feature or a bug?

Thanks in advance for your support! Kind regards, Friedrich

PS: When opened in Preview.app, I can highlight words, phrases, lines, paragraphs without obstacles.

[macOS 10.12.4, DTPO 2.9.11]

Over here, on any PDF I am unable to use any PDF annotation tools in DEVONthink 2.9.11 (10.12.4). I use Preview or other external applications for annotation. The annotations added externally are viewable in DEVONthink, but not selectable or editable.

The next maintenance release will include a workaround, this seems to be another issue of Sierra’s PDFkit.

All of them work actually as expected over here (except the known Sierra issues, see release notes). What exactly doesn’t work for you?

They should be both selectable & editable after choosing Edit > PDF Document > Tool > Annotation Selection (or the same toolbar item).

PDF highlighting is broken in the current version. Viewing PDFs is also very glitchy. Pdfs intermittently show parts not rendered. Big problem.

Sierra’s PDF rendering seems to be worse on 10.12.4, we’re currently working on a workaorund.

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