Highlighting experience not consistent

I am using DT 3.9 and I noticed a discrepancy between the highlight colors in the context menu and the toolbar menu. When I right-click on an already highlighted text in a PDF document, I see a context menu with new highlight colors that I like (see image 1)

However, when I left-click on a text that is not yet highlighted, I see a toolbar menu with old highlight colors that I don’t like.


I would like to have the option to use the new highlight colors as the default ones in both menus. How can I achieve this?

As has been discussed on the forums before, those are from PDFKit, not DEVONthink. While we have enabled the ability to use them, they are separate from DEVONthink’s highlight colors.

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Thanks for the clarification, would be possible to use user defined color of DT highlighting then? This might be treated as a feature request, but might there already exist a way to do it?

At this time, there is no connection between the two and no simple way to implement correlating them.

Just treat it like you get extra highlight colors as a bonus :wink:

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